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We are dedicated to providing the best living experience for everyone at our community. A big part of our success has been listening to the needs and concerns of our residents and their loved ones.

Dear Emerson House Staff,

On Thanksgiving Day, my family has a tradition of reflecting on what we are most thankful for in the past year.  For me this year, it is the loving care and support all of you have given to John and me.  I am so grateful to have found the Emerson House where you all are so kind and understanding of the many residents.  It was not an easy decision to relinquish my role as wife and caregiver after 51 years of happy marriage, but I am no at ease knowing how wonderful you all are.  You have my ever-lasting gratitude on this Thanksgiving day and into the future.

Peggy McAteer

…I reminded her of the desire, expressed in the weeks prior to coming to Emerson, to “just go home” and asked if having a safe unchanging place was what she meant, and she said yes. I cannot be more grateful of the care you and your staff are giving her.

Paul Weaver

Just can’t thank you enough for the quality care you have at Emerson House. Larry was well taken care of. Your staff is top notch from the top down. Larry’s last year of life was easy for us by your staff. You took a weight off my shoulders. Thank you.

Jorja O.

Thanks Emerson House,
For each and everyone of you that does so much for everyone there especially our mom Alice!!!
Your guys are the fireworks each and every day for us!
Bless You All. Much love.

The Connors

You’re so good to the families. The way you’ve taken care of David and me and Miriam, I have not one complaint. It’s just a fabulous place. Oftentimes we’re the ones who are so aware and the others aren’t. David has really liked being there; he’s felt at home.

Ingeborg Dean

I can’t thank you enough for your leadership, empathy and skill in your care for Steve during his stay at Emerson House.  You helped me navigate the journey always with an eye to what was the practical yet caring approach to his needs.  Thank you so much for your support and friendship.
You have an awesome care team

Anita Thompson

Tom came in here Feb 19, 2014 as he was at a point in his life where he needed extra help. I really feel in my heart that the Emerson House has taken very good care of him. I believe that the nurse, med aides, caregivers and activity director have really been there to help him with all his needs; I can feel the love and support that they give to the residents. I know that the residents are very well taken care of here, and I highly recommend Emerson House.

Gloria Peterson

I fought putting my mother in Emerson house because I felt guilty about not taking care of her myself, but I’m convinced that it actually ended up being the best thing for my mother and for me too. Everyone is very attentive and thoughtful. She seems to be very happy.

Renee Apostolou

I truly appreciate your hard work and superior care of my mother. Initially, my mom did not want to stay at Emerson House, but now she LOVES it so much, she never wants to leave. Her overall health has improved and she is a much kinder person to me now, then when I took care of her at home for the past 15 years. My overall health has improved because I get more sleep, and I am able to focus on taking care of my health. Thank you!!!

Angie Moser

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