Testimonials from Family Members

Just can’t thank you enough for the quality care you have at Emerson House. Larry was well taken care of. Your staff is top notch from the top down. Larry’s last year of life was easy for us by your staff. You took a weight off my shoulders. Thank you.
Jorja O.

Thanks Emerson House,
For each and everyone of you that does so much for everyone there especially our mom Alice!!!
Your guys are the fireworks each and every day for us!
Bless You All. Much love.
The Conners

You’re so good to the families.  The way you’ve taken care of David and me and Miriam, I have not one complaint. It’s just a fabulous place.  Oftentimes we’re the ones who are so aware and the others aren’t.  David has really liked being there; he’s felt at home.
Ingeborg Dean

Tom came in here Feb 19, 2014 as he was at a point in his life where he needed extra help.  I really feel in my heart that the Emerson House has taken very good care of him.  I believe that the nurse, med aides, caregivers and activity director have really been there to help him with all his needs;  I can feel the love and support that they give to the residents.  I know that the residents are very well taken care of here, and I highly recommend Emerson House.
Gloria Peterson

I fought putting my mother in Emerson house because I felt guilty about not taking care of her myself, but I’m convinced that it actually ended up being the best thing for my mother and for me too. Everyone is very attentive and thoughtful. She seems to be very happy.
Renee Apostolou

I truly appreciate your hard work and superior care of my mother. Initially, my mom did not want to stay at Emerson House, but now she LOVES it so much, she never wants to leave. Her overall health has improved and she is a much kinder person to me now, then when I took care of her at home for the past 15 years. My overall health has improved because I get more sleep, and I am able to focus on taking care of my health.  Thank you!!!
Angie Moser 

Today is the one year anniversary of Mom, Carol, moving into Emerson House. We would like to tell you all how grateful we are that you took a chance on Mom and welcomed her in. It certainly has been an exciting/eventful year with her, but she has embraced Emerson House as her home now. That is, of course, due to all of you and your wonderful staff. When we think of the past 10 years since she was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s until now, it was so hard and scary. We are at peace now and enjoying spending time with her knowing how well she is taken care of. Thank you so much!
Laurel, Lindsay and family

I’m so impressed with all the developments over the last year — you’re doing a fantastic job and finding excellent people…Lindsey has taken the activities to a whole new level.
Steve Connell

My mother Viola was a resident in the memory care section on the first floor of Emerson House for the past several months, and she passed away there.  Because I live in the Midwest, I was not able to visit her frequently; but I was in Portland in July and visited several times while I was in town.  I was so impressed with the kindness and care of the employees of Emerson House.  In particular, John and Carmen were attentive beyond the definition of their jobs.  I love that John called my mother “Miss Viola.”  She hated her full name, but she never corrected him!
With thanks,
Patti Zu